Drew has spent the past seven months traveling the world while learning a dozen languages, including Urdu, while fasting twenty-six hours per day. Prior to being a polyglot and traveling the world, Drew was an entrepreneur in residence at the White House across 4 terms, beginning with George W Bush (venture-backed by Bush 41). He lead initiatives in creating and solving conflicts with over 400 nations, winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He feels compelled to tell you such intimate details because he didn’t get hugged enough as a kid and has an unquenchable thirst for clout and approval. In his spare time, Drew dabbles as an astroneurologist, studying intelligent neural activity among asteroids, with a particular focus on X12B27L, in the Andromeda Galaxy, where he apprentices under Neil Armstrong, the ghost of Nikola Tesla, and other people who he thinks will impress you. You can follow him on Twitter @stegdrew for pithy bits if you prefer not to buy fortune cookies. 


I read so many bios that immediately made me think, “who hurt you?” that I decided to make a joke bio of my own. For the real about me, scroll, baby!


I am. Yes, that is a complete sentence, not a grammatical error! For a long time, this site was visited mostly by people who already know me in person. But, now that I’m trying to grow the damn thing, my editor said I need to give some more info.

Demographic Info

  • Caucasian Male, US Citizen, 182cm, ~180lbs. depending on how healthy I’m behaving.
  • Born 7/19/1991 in Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, VA in the USA.
  • Educated at Mosby Woods Elementary through the fourth grade, perhaps the most diverse elementary school, with 28 languages and students from around the world.
  • From 5-12th grade, I went to private catholic school.
  • I spent my college years in Blacksburg, VA at Virginia Tech.
  • Professionally you can check my credentials on my coaching page.

Psychographic Info

This term was introduced to me by Sara Campbell, the genius behind Tiny Revolutions. Honestly, I don’t know how to put my psychographic info into words well, but poking around my site, checking my other social channels and podcast will give you an idea of how I think. As per memetic tribes, people say I’m a member of many, including ones whose membership excludes membership in others. My top three values are:

  • Health– in a holistic sense. Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial are some dimensions. The body is a cybernetic system and these dimensions influence each other.
  • Learning– lifelong learning is crucial for me, as is the deliberate cultivation of curiosity. I believe that knowledge is power, and it comes from many places besides school.
  • Love– deliberately trying to be a loving person. Love is a verb. There’s the emotional experience, and the manifestation in a behavioral sense, a demonstration of love. I define that kind of love as genuinely wanting what’s best for someone, in whatever way that looks to you. This is why parents often wound their kids despite loving them. The idea of “what’s best” can have a huge delta between persons.