I help people get, do, and be what and who they want by living in dream-affirming ways. Or, according to Kegan’s Theory Of Self-Development, live self-authoring, and self-transforming lives. I help remove obstacles using inquiry and other modalities and provide structure so you can do more things you care about. 🧰

Behavior change may come after belief change. My work gets you unstuck and moves you forward. Others simply want to perform better, and I help them increase their rate of change.

Working Together 

First, meeting in person or via phone to determine fit and demonstrate value. I prefer engaging for six months or more. Change happens sooner, but adherence takes time. I may use questionnaires to establish a baseline and measure changes over time. I use ritual to create a safe container, enabling deep inner work. Without strong containers, exploring depths isn’t possible. 

Using the Socratic method and inquiry I bring out your internal wisdom. Pushing even “good” advice onto people doesn’t work. Change must come from within.

I use both body-based behavior modifications and heady ones you find in a traditional coaching setting. Sometimes we need a nap, not a lecture!

My approach involves co-discovering where you are, then coaching you to where you want to be. Per the teachers I’ve worked with, I am a vessel or custodian, not a guru.


To show I know what I’m doing. Don’t work with anyone based on credentials alone. They are not reliable for determining if a relationship is a good fit. But, the absence of credentials is terrifying, so I’ve listed some.

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach under The Chek Institute.
  • Psychedelic work as a participant and guide, under Western modalities and indigenous traditions such as the Amazonian Cofan, and the Council Of The Sacred Fire Of Itzachilatlan.
  • B.S. in Management: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology from Va Tech, Minoring in Leadership and Social Change.
  • Men’s work via The Mankind Project, using Shadow Work, Masculine archetypes, I-statements, voice dialog, and group facilitation training.
  • Modalities such as Nonviolent Communication, Transcendental Meditation, Orgasmic Meditation, ACE personal training, and “The Work.”
  • Prior employment at Google, consulting, and health care.
  • Founded a failed tech startup. 
  • Received talk therapy, group therapy, and app-based therapy and can relate to those on the other side of the table.
  • Vision-quested for four full days/nights without food or water alone on a mountain, next to a tree.
  • OnDeck fellow.