So Drew, What Do You Do? 

My job is to help you get, do, and be what and who you want. To live in a way that is dream-affirming, or, as Kegan puts it, live in a way that is self-authoring and self-transforming. There are two types of people in this world, those who are aware of their self-sabotage, and those who aren’t. I help both by removing obstacles and using inquiry and other modalities in my toolbox so you can spend more of your precious time and energy doing things you care about. 🧰

I realize that sounds nebulous, and the more concrete way to say it is behavior change. This involves both helping folks navigate tough situations and take steps forward and also working with people who think nothing is wrong, and want to perform at a higher level in both personal and professional life. 📈

A taste of what it’s like to work together 

Onboarding involves first getting to know one another to establish if things are a good fit–usually over a call or two. Usually, I like to work with folks for at least six months. Three months often is enough to make some change, but sometimes not enough to stick with it. If you want a few ad hoc sessions to go over heavy stuff, we can work that out as well. This is meant to be somewhat fluid. I may use a set of questionnaires to help establish a baseline and give us the opportunity to measure whether or not our relationship is working. To put into concrete terms such abstract concepts as “success,” which can be both vague and elusive. I may use ritual to create a container of shared respect and psychological safety, which enables deep inner work. Without a strong container, exploring the depths isn’t possible. 

I prefer the Socratic method and using inquiry as a means of helping your internal wisdom come out. Pushing advice onto you, even if the advice is “good,” often doesn’t work. 

Per my background in health, I may recommend body-based behavior modifications rather than heady ones you may find in a traditional coaching setting. Sometimes we don’t need a lecture, we just need a nap!

My approach involves co-discovering where you currently are and helping you to get to where you want to be with the variety of modalities in my toolbox. A reference to provide context is Kegan’s Theory of Adult Development– we are shooting for Self-Authoring and Self-Transforming Mind stages. Per the teachers I’ve worked with, I am like a vessel or custodian, not a guru.


These are designed to give you some reassurance that I have a clue about what I’m doing. I don’t recommend deciding to work with me, or anyone else, based on a list such as this. Credentials alone are not a reliable mechanism for deciding whether or not a relationship is a good fit. With that said, the absence of credentials would terrify me as a client, so I’ve listed some things here.

  • Plant medicine work, both as a participant and as a guide, under various indigenous traditions such as the Cofan of the Amazon, and a Vision Quest done with the Council Of The Sacred Fire Of Itzachilatlan in Boyaca, Colombia.
    • The Vision Quest involved four days and nights alone on a mountain without food or water, along with various plant medicine ceremonies and Inipi, sometimes referred to as “sweat lodge” ceremonies.
  • I’ve received MDMA Therapy via a Western format.
  • B.S. in Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology from Virginia Tech, in addition to a Minor in Leadership and Social Change.
  • Men’s work via MKP, The Mankind Project, using various modalities like Shadow Work, Masculine archetypes, I-statements, and trained in group facilitation training.
  • Trained in NVC, also known as Nonviolent Communication, and participated in practice groups for years. 
  • Received traditional talk therapy and group therapy under both male and female therapists over the years.
  • Certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach under The Chek Institute.
  • Trained in Transcendental Meditation
  • Trained in Orgasmic Meditation.
  • Worked as a personal trainer certified under The American Council Of Exercise.
  • Practitioner of “The Work” of Byron Katie.
  • Private sector employment at Google, and industries ranging from hospitality to consulting and health care.
  • Founded of a failed tech startup, which helps me relate to those in high-pressure, high responsibility jobs. 
  • OnDeck fellow.