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Ben Bechtel is my friend and has sat in more than 350 hours of men’s circles, led and organized men’s gatherings and has been doing the work for years. In this episode we get into what men’s work is, why it’s needed, and why it’s hard to get into. We unexpectedly did some work on air, sharing details about our lives. If you or your partner, family member, or friend are curious about “men’s work,” the deep inner work that ripples outwardly into the world, you’ll enjoy this one. 

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His clients (who include therapists) come to him for the same problems they might see a therapist or coach for, as well as for concerns in the spiritual and energetic realms. They often know the limits of conventional talk therapy and want alternatives to medication. Most of all, they want to make faster progress!

Eric’s “toolbox” includes a number of powerful, safe, and efficient approaches for healing, personal growth, and problem-solving through mind, body, and spirit.
They include ancient techniques like shamanic healing, time-proven techniques like hypnosis, and cutting-edge therapeutic techniques like Energy Psychology and Eye Movement Integration.

What’s keeping you from the life you want to live? Are you ready to make your life better by changing how you think, feel, act, or re-act?

Eric’s office is in Annapolis MD, but he serves clients nation-wide by video. He welcomes people of all nationalities and ethnicities and sexual/gender orientations. You can call him at 703-288-0400.

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