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James is a nature enthusiast, author and Certified NVC Trainer. He’s been involved in personal growth programs since the mid-1980’s, participated in many workshops, retreats and 12-step recovery. He began his journey into nature based spirituality in the late 1990’s. After publishing his book “The Joy of Compassionate Connecting – The Way of Christ Through Nonviolent Communication” in 2010, he participated in a Franciscan-inspired men’s rites of passage in 2011. He continued his growth journey through Mankind Project New-Warrior training and integration groups. He participated in Animas Valley Institute’s “Wild Mind Intensive” in Feb 2018, and had his first 12-day Vision Quest in the Anza Borrego desert in Feb 2020 (just before the COVID lockdown). He’s currently an Animas Valley apprentice in the Wild Mind Training Program (WMTP). He’s passionate about the intersection of Animas Valley inspired work with Nonviolent Communication as a way to contribute to “The Great Turning,” a thriving compassionate world. I’ve gone to quite a few of his workshops and they’ve helped me communicate significantly better. 

In this episode we dive into how James got into NVC, dive into the basics of NVC, Bill Plotkin’s work, and how the two fit together. I have a few years of NVC experience yet still picked up some new insights from the conversation!

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