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Jim Carpenter began de-escalation as a child, living between his atheist father and Jehovah’s witness mother. Since then, he’s had a career for General Motors and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and been involved in many organizations to promote civil discourse, including but not limited to Able And Willing, winning the Ron Hering Mission of Service Award for the Mankind Project, Race Conversations, Amazing Faith Dinners, Bridge Alliance, and others. His focus is on 2 related missions:

  1. Communications skills for creating connection and respect and mutual understanding.
  2. Tools for economic prosperity.  

We dive into Jim’s storied history, finding common ground around problems and solutions, and how he thinks MMT or Modern Monetary Theory can bring to life some of the social change he envisions. 

NOTE: The audio quality isn’t great as I’m still learning about it and haven’t done many in-person shows. Bear with us, we are working to get better! Feel free to dabble in other episodes if the audio isn’t jiving with you. 

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