Welcome! I’m glad to have you. Here’s a taste of what you might get. Who are you?
  • You like to stretch, assumptions may be questioned.  🧠
  • You’re a submariner preferring the depths over the surface.
  • You love juice! Problems cannot be solved if we cannot speak about them. The most uncomfortable issues are the juiciest ones. 🧃
  • You have a large appetite for weird. 👽
  • You swim in the OCEAN (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism), you’ll like the water here if you are OC. 🌊
  • You believe unjust laws are meant to be broken. 🚷
  • You fight to pass the mic to hear someone who disagrees with you. 🎤
  • You’re anti-doxxing but pro heterodox thinking. 🧐
  • You laugh at silly things like farts. 💨
  • You believe compassionate disagreement is the best kind of disagreement. 🫂
  • You change your mind. 🤯

    What Other Readers Are Saying About Sh*t 💩 So Good It’ll Leave You Late For Work 🔥

    Deep thoughts from a deep thinker.-Oz

    Brooooooo!!!! I’m hours late to work because I was reading your newsletter, clicking through the links and trying to complete the goddamn challenge exercise at the end. I SUPER dig your weird and am happy to be a part of this experience.-Shaunbay

    But your writing is really clean. So you must take time doing it or you’re a genius which is possible.-Chris (my ego definitely got a boner after that one)

    Just want to say, Drew, congratulations on 100 in 100. All of them I read, many made me smile, all made me think.-Bill

    I admire your zest for living, that allows you to live fully, experiencing the breadth and depth of day to day living in a simple way that is finding life’s meaning…………………
    or in the words of an old poem ……………to see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower, to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour…

    Wow such amazing content for the morning read, love the insights 🙂—Jyoti

    Thanks for this, and in particular thanks for “holding” it the way you do (and consistently do). When I get into a passion I’m often not as clear-minded, conscious, nor diplomatic as I might be when fully centered. You consistently are able to receive my imperfect emails in their spirit more than their letter, and I really like that about you.-Dave

    I’ve followed your 100 Stories series religiously and I keep going back to some gems like The Gifts Of Pain, Wimping Out, The Case For Following Your Passion to name a few. While these personally spoke to me, there were others that had so many strange and novel experiences that I lived vicariously through your writing. I have been meaning to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed them and I am glad I finally did.-Charita

    Yoooo! Love the content and you have our love and support!! Keep on doing you.-Joe and Landy

    You never cease to amaze me with your thought process! If I didn’t tell you – I am telling you now and if I did tell you – I am telling you again – I appreciate you!-Paul

    Nice bro, I believe in you to sex this and make it epic.-Josh