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The Steg Drew Show is new, evolving, and finding itself. I believe the world has a current Civility Deficit, and with this endeavor, I explore tough and taboo topics with compassion and civility, so you can do the same with your friends, family, and coworkers. Have you ever seen a bird fly with a left-wing OR right-wing? Of course not! Birds need both, and despite being bird-brained at times, we humans need each other.

We are social animals, and our differences should be celebrated. On a meta-level, this show is an exploration of differences, modeling for the public, in hopes that they get their shit together and do the same without blowing up this precious spinning rock we all live on called Earth! ๐ŸŒŽ

There’s plenty of things people feel they can’t talk about where Google just doesn’t get the job done. Trust me, I used to work there. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Steg Drew Show creates the types of conversations you often wonder about but rarely speak out loud.

  • Why Should You Listen? Because you want to “expand your total surface area of knowledge.” According to my friend Oz Chen, that’s the value I bring.
  • What Do I Talk About? Everything you’re not supposed to talk about! Politics, Steroid use, LGBTQ and pronouns, possible failure of the American state, mental health and schizophrenia, and beyond! A better question is, what don’t I talk about? I believe that everyone has a fascinating story and my job as a host is to bring those stories out.
  • What Tangible Outcome Will You Get After Listening? A good kind of headache, leaving you with “hmm, I hadn’t considered that,” and lots of fodder for shower thoughts. My show helps you get rich! Every episode, I give out free social currency for you to spend at your leisure.
  • How Often Do New Episodes Come Out? I am shooting for twice weekly, but don’t tell anyone as this is a flaccid, not hard, commitment. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Episode 1: Inside The Mind Of A Schizophrenic w/ Alex Cannon
Episode 2: Crypto Pride w/ The Crypto Curator, Paul McNeal
Episode 3: Geeking Out About Language, Twice Exceptionality, and more with Jamie Banks
Episode 4: All Things Steroids w/ Nate Johnson
Episode 5: Meta-Cognition through Ozmosis w/ Oz Chen
Episode 6: Good Citizenship with Citizen Within founder, Rob Hardy
Episode 7: Hans on Sex w/ Hans
Episode 8: The Dos Equis Man, Lyle McKeany
Episode 9: Autodidactic Futurism, A Nerd Safari w/ Jo Pasamonte
Episode 10: Explorations in Consciousness w/ 40-Plus Year Transcendental Meditation Teacher Werner Pfleger
Episode 11: All Politics is Loco (local) w/ Community Organizer Rachel Reyes
Episode 12: Turcoling The Tables w/ my childhood friend Stephen Turcol
Episode 13: Life On The Edge w/ Financial Coach Chris Edgerly
Episode 14: Porn Is Apple Juice w/ Tom Worthington
Episode 15: Talking Shamanisn w/ Eric Weinstein
Episode 16: Astrology Explained w/ The Hood Mystic
Episode 17: Doing Menโ€™s Work w/ Ben Bechtel
Episode 18: History of the Korean Sex Industry w/ Shawn Yoon Pt. 1
Episode 19: History of the Korean Sex Industry w/ Shawn Yoon Pt. 2
Episode 20: NVC and Bill Plotkin with James Prieto
Episode 21: Red Pilling Not Medical Advice w/ Darrell Becker
Episode 22: Kick Game Cray w/ Shoe Designer Mountain Chang
Episode 23: Shooting the Bull w/ โ€œShaman Seanโ€ Urbassik
Episode 24: Dropping the Armor w/ Transformational Relationship Artist Joe Bernstein
Episode 25: De-Escalating All Of The Things w/ Civility Expert Jim Carpenter
Episode 26: Getting Embodied w/ Embodiment Expert Boris Yurganov
Episode 27: Loving Satan w/ Carmen Burke
Episode 28: Wifing Things Up With Brazilian Holistic Therapist Amanda Vestri
Episode 29: Letโ€™s Get This Paper! w/ nomadic daddy Eric Schneider
Episode 30: Kipping through Life w/ Educator and Communications Consultant Kip Dooley

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