Stuff I Got Wrong

The purpose of this page is to proactively share ways I have changed my thinking over time. The best thinkers change their mind when presented with new information.

Being Catholic. I used to be Catholic. I’m not saying all catholics are by definition bad/wrong/evil, but consent doesn’t count if it’s not informed consent. I made a lifetime commitment to the church as an 8th grader, without having any understanding of what that truly meant. Further, I became catholic by nature of birth, not by conscious choice. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. The church does have many benefits and gets a lot of things right.

Judging things as binary. Life is mostly non-binary. As a therapist once told me, “Drew, you have a higher than average desire for justice.” This caused me to be blind to nuance and judge almost everything as true/false, right/wrong, yes/no, black/white, or other booleans. Now I’m nearly the opposite.

Wearing Sunglasses– Check my notes on Health and Light by John Ott for a better understanding of the reversal. I don’t intend to wear these ever again. UV light is beneficial, and our eyes become extra sensitive to light when we are starved of it. Just like binge drinking isn’t healthy, sun binging isn’t either. Regular sun exposure and resilience can prevent the need for sunglasses.