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You’ll like my work if:

  • You like to stretch, assumptions may be questioned. 🧠
  • You’re a submariner, preferring the depths over the surface. 🗣
  • You love juice! The most uncomfortable issues are the juiciest ones.🧃
  • You have a large appetite for weird. 👽
  • You swim in the OCEAN (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism). You’ll like the water here if you are OC. 🌊
  • You believe unjust laws are meant to be broken. 🚷
  • You fight to pass the mic to hear someone who disagrees with you. 🎤
  • You’re anti-doxxing but pro heterodox thinking. 🙇
  • You believe compassionate disagreement is the best kind of disagreement. 🫂
  • You change your mind. 🧐

Welcome, I’m glad to have you. ❤️