Path To Pranic Prosperity

Hey Y’all,

An idea came to me while in the ocean and it felt right so I am running with it.

For any of you neuroscience geeks out there, 2 modes the brain operates in are called the “focused mode” and the “diffuse mode.” We can leverage each of these modes to make magic.

The ocean is a great place to use the diffuse mode. There’s the sensation of the waves, salt, sand, and breeze. The roar of the sea. The deep presence required to balance and brace against the waves, without it being a full-blown hardcore workout. And, the sights and sounds of people abound.

What emerged felt like a culmination of many things I’ve been pondering for years. This is not a spur-of-the-moment decision, but rather an effervescence of what has been percolating deep for a while.

On to the idea…


Pathway to Pranic Prosperity

I’m going to “let my freak flag fly” even more in my writing. In fact, when I did the 100 Stories Series, for a time I worked on a memoir of the same title, subtitled, “life lessons from a lunatic.”

But, my heart wasn’t in it. Other people told me to do it, but it wasn’t coming from me. The purpose of the story series was to get a lot better at writing in a short amount of time, while deepening my sense of voice and style, and I think it accomplished those goals. Plus, I didn’t want to go back and mash them up together. Anyone who enjoyed them can share with whomever they wish.

After, that, I considered writing a book about breathing.

I paused on that because it didn’t feel right to the Drew at that phase of his life. To share a book that didn’t have a great conclusion seemed wrong. I wanted to have “solved the problem” before sharing with a broader audience.

That desire to fix my breathing led me down a variety of rabbit holes stranger and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, which are being made manifest in what I’m calling the “Pathway to Pranic Prosperity.”

The intention behind this work is to create what I wish I had– a curriculum or blueprint for achieving a pranic lifestyle.

This is an emergent project, which feels authentic and makes more sense than a book– after all, it is a living, BREATHING 🌬process. I’m not fully pranic yet.

It will contain stories and information of past, present, and future. Past will include how I got to where I am now, including why I believe what I believe and know what I know.

Present will be live updates from the journey.

And the future will contain hypotheses.

Principles Guiding The Pathway To Pranic Prosperity:

  • personal- this information will be my story. Each of us walks our own path. However, I also believe in the idea of always student, always teacher. And, one way that I relate to the New-Agey concept that “all the answers lie within” is that, perhaps my inner wisdom told me to go to the damn library and read a book! I may include personal stories and my opinions of others I’ve met. Unless I quote them directly, please understand that memory is fallible, and that you should always go to the primary source, rather than a parrot (secondary, tertiary, or worse) for increased certainty.
  • posterity- this information is intended to stand the test of time. As my path has changed over the years, I have been blessed to meet some amazing people. Some of them lost their lives in service to mankind. In the event this happens to me, I intend for this information to live posthumously.
  • persistent- perhaps consistent is a better word here. I want to provide metrics over time.
  • pressure-free– I intend to remain authentic, and this means not kowtowing to some perceived persona I have created online. This means welcoming mistakes despite not creating them on purpose, and allowing myself the freedom and flexibility to make adjustments. I believe most humans modulate their behavior when they know they are being watched, and optimizing for authenticity in this endeavor is important. There are flavors to this. For example, in my private journaling, I use a shorthand only I can read for simplicity. Writing so damn much over time created shortcuts that made sense to me that don’t make sense to others. To make things more understandable when writing for others, I don’t use those shortcuts.


What does it mean to be “pranic” for our purposes?


I interpret it as some people would call “stage 4 breatharian”–living without the need for ingestion of any solids or liquids.

I believe this is possible and have been and will continue cultivating such a lifestyle, for a variety of reasons.

Yes, I realize that may sound bonkers to most people reading it, and I am aware of and accept that. I love you anyway.

In my life, I have had the blessing and challenge of experiencing many things that I cannot undo or un-see, and exposure to the pranic lifestyle is one such thing.

It’s too epic for me to ignore and does not feel like a gimmick whatsoever.

The more I embrace it, the more it makes sense.

I have come across individuals at various stages of the pranic lifestyle.

People who are effectively pranic have conquered the problem of aging. They can live forever.

This breaks the modern egregore known as the human lifespan and can attract unwanted attention from nefarious actors.

However, I am still well within the range of a normal human lifespan, am more committed to my faith in The Creator, and will take any appropriate action to preserve my safety in the event such a need arises.

I’m also scratching my own itch with this thing. I wish there were more people talking about this lifestyle. More people sharing. More people engaging in dialog about what’s working, what are the challenges, etc.

So, I am trying to live by example and cultivate communitas around this.


Hit me with any questions, and I’ll try to write about them and answer the best I can. Ex- is this total BS? What about water or liquids? “Prove it” or whatever else strikes your fancy.


Mush love, πŸ„