How To Validate

Cultivating your superpowers. Being able to validate is a superpower. It makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside. “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”-William James. If craving appreciation is the deepest, the foundation beneath that is the craving for acknowledgment. We cannot appreciate something without first acknowledging it. WhatContinue reading “How To Validate”

Comedy Is So Crucial Right Now That It Isn’t Funny 🤣

In days of old, the jester was one of few people who could speak truth to the king without fear of repercussion. In days of recent, Sadam Hussein famously literally shot the messenger. Scratch that. Messengers. It got to a point where people feared giving him any bad news, so they didn’t! When truth becomesContinue reading “Comedy Is So Crucial Right Now That It Isn’t Funny 🤣”

Retaining Knowledge From Books

TL;DR: Write notes by hand while reading. Teach others what you’ve learned from the reading — this can happen many times (retrieval practice, spaced repetition, Feynman technique). Type said notes (spaced repetition). Send notes to others, with targeted nuggets (spaced repetition, retrieval practice). Getting into the weeds I accidentally stumbled upon a number of the techniques I useContinue reading “Retaining Knowledge From Books”