29 Things from 29 Years

This list comprises 29 tidbits I’ve accumulated over my life. I don’t always recall where I learned what I learned. This list is in no particular order.

  1. First, they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you, then you win.
  2. It’s more important to be kind than clever.
  3. When its all over, we won’t take our possessions with us. Cherish experiences more than things.
  4. A warm smile disarms better than a show of force.
  5. Listen.
  6. You learn a lot about someone based on the questions they ask.
  7. Some people are afraid of dying. Some people are afraid of living.
  8. There have been >130 million books written across time. Choose wisely. Quit if you do not like one. You can always pick it back up later.
  9. Get busy building your dreams or get busy building someone else’s.
  10. Say the damn thing! Share your truth, don’t say “I’m fine” if you’re not fine.
  11. Conflict is an attempt at connection.
  12. Travel is one of the best ways to self-educate.
  13. Practice steelmanning — see someone’s argument in its strongest form and seek to understand before tearing them down.
  14. Talk to yourself and give yourself advice as you would a trusted old friend.
  15. Embarrassment is a choice. You can choose to feel embarrassed or not.
  16. You only get one body. Treat it well.
  17. If you don’t ask, the answer is no.
  18. Getting comfortable with discomfort makes everything easier.
  19. The internet is the greatest tool for learning in the history of humanity.
  20. Pause before speaking.
  21. Get outside every day. The sun is your friend, not your enemy.
  22. Different doesn’t mean wrong.
  23. Don’t deal in dualities.
  24. Go towards what you want, rather than avoiding what you don’t want.
  25. A fulfilling life is simply a series of fulfilling days.
  26. When you think about people, tell them.
  27. Be curious.
  28. Say, “I heard,” instead of, “you said.”
  29. Get a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep wrecks everything else.