The Rules Of Toxic Manhood

Break the rules by building healthy masculinity. You do not talk about manhood. You do not talk about manhood. If someone tears up or cries, their manhood is over. Only two seconds per hug. One alpha at a time. No feelings, no homo. Manhood like this will go on until men wake up. If thisContinue reading “The Rules Of Toxic Manhood”

You Have A Duty To Complain, Here’s Why

That’s right, you have a moral obligation to complain. You don’t have to complain all the time. But you should complain some of the time. Before digging into when to complain or when to hold back, we need to take a few steps back and understand why we get upset, and what our menu optionsContinue reading “You Have A Duty To Complain, Here’s Why”

An Open Letter To HR On Behalf Of All Employees 📩

Putting the HUMAN into Human Resources 🙍 Image source In my career I have worked for a large public university, health care, Big Tech, Chick-Fil-A, consulting, and neighborly lawn mowing. While it may come as no surprise to anyone who has ever applied for a job, the HR experiences at most of these organizations haveContinue reading “An Open Letter To HR On Behalf Of All Employees 📩”

29 Things from 29 Years

This list comprises 29 tidbits I’ve accumulated over my life. I don’t always recall where I learned what I learned. This list is in no particular order. First, they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you, then you win. It’s more important to be kind than clever. When its all over,Continue reading “29 Things from 29 Years”

Density of Communication

As I use written words touting in-person as the medium with the highest density of communication, the irony isn’t lost on me. When communicating, your goal is to maximize both density and digestibility. The medium impacts the message. Mediums ranked in order of highest to lowest density: In-person Video/audio together Audio or video individually ImagesContinue reading “Density of Communication”

How To Win ANY Argument

This is a guide to winning arguments and vanquishing all enemies in your path. Once completed, you may begin practicing this martial art. After some practice, you will be nearly invincible. The first step towards conquering all of your enemies is realizing that they don’t exist. Once you do that, they are defeated. They areContinue reading “How To Win ANY Argument”

Pragmatic Jedi Mind Tricks For Everyday People

Delusion involves being unaware of reality or acting bonkers amidst circumstance. For example, performing a stop, drop, and roll despite not being on fire would be delusional. I think of being enlightened as being aware of reality and choosing a way of being despite circumstance. It’s a form of conscious delusion. Lately, I’ve been payingContinue reading “Pragmatic Jedi Mind Tricks For Everyday People”

Coping with the Societal Flakiness Epidemic

I’m 28, and most of my friends are in the 40-plus demographic. Why? I don’t know for sure, but I have some ideas. For one, they didn’t grow up with cell phones. This gives them an increased presence during face to face interactions. They have higher integrity- their words and actions are more closely aligned.Continue reading “Coping with the Societal Flakiness Epidemic”

Life As A Resource Allocation Problem

Our primitive mind keeps us alive. It is excellent at identifying threats and tolerates many false positives. A single false negative can mean severe injury or death. Our threat detection systems not only identify threats, but they also identify many non-threats as threats. The primitive mind also reminds us to eat, sleep, and procreate. ProcreationContinue reading “Life As A Resource Allocation Problem”

Diversify Your Identity

If our identity clings to too few things, we become fragile. Jim Carey’s father wanted to be a comedian, but it was risky. He decided to become an accountant instead. One day, he lost his job as an accountant. He was fragile. Jim took this to heart, learning that “You can fail at what youContinue reading “Diversify Your Identity”