To Say, Or Not To Say, That Isn’t The Question

The question is not whether to speak up, but how. On playing small in a big world. Often in relationships of all kinds, we wonder whether or not to speak up. This is the wrong way to think. You should speak up. You shouldn’t debate whether or not to speak up. Something gave you aContinue reading “To Say, Or Not To Say, That Isn’t The Question”

Pragmatic Jedi Mind Tricks For Everyday People

Delusion involves being unaware of reality or acting bonkers amidst circumstance. For example, performing a stop, drop, and roll despite not being on fire would be delusional. I think of being enlightened as being aware of reality and choosing a way of being despite circumstance. It’s a form of conscious delusion. Lately, I’ve been payingContinue reading “Pragmatic Jedi Mind Tricks For Everyday People”

Coping with the Societal Flakiness Epidemic

I’m 28, and most of my friends are in the 40-plus demographic. Why? I don’t know for sure, but I have some ideas. For one, they didn’t grow up with cell phones. This gives them an increased presence during face to face interactions. They have higher integrity- their words and actions are more closely aligned.Continue reading “Coping with the Societal Flakiness Epidemic”