Pragmatic Jedi Mind Tricks For Everyday People

Delusion involves being unaware of reality or acting bonkers amidst circumstance. For example, performing a stop, drop, and roll despite not being on fire would be delusional. I think of being enlightened as being aware of reality and choosing a way of being despite circumstance. It’s a form of conscious delusion. Lately, I’ve been payingContinue reading “Pragmatic Jedi Mind Tricks For Everyday People”

What is influence?

Stoics teach that we should worry about what we can control and ignore what we cannot. This is generally sound advice and I tend to agree. But, the Stoics have not covered all bases. Many psychologists advise that we cannot control how others feel, and we may not be able to control how we feelContinue reading “What is influence?”

Why Are There No More Heroes?

Where have they all gone? I’d argue that they are still here, and have been here all along. Martin Luther King cheated on his wife. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Andrew Jackson was responsible for the Trail of Tears. Now that we are connected via a global hive mind with instantaneous information transfer, blemishes are harderContinue reading “Why Are There No More Heroes?”